a rather small collection of various plugins


at last, izicam 0.11 is now available for linux


3.5 years have past!
this is grose...

you thought izicam was dead right, well it isn't: prepare for universal binaries and universal hope

i have just released izicam 0.11 for x-plane 8

- x-plane 8 crashes when using more than 10 planes, fixed
- izicam messages not being displayed in x-plane 8, fixed
- universal binary for intel mac users
- seems to work with x-plane 9, briefly tested with the demo beta version


initial release of izicam 0.1

i started writing this little plug-in because i think x-plane lacks some exciting camera views
so here it is for your enjoyment, free for all
and initial release of TranSuBlimator
an experiMENTAL vst plugin, also free for your enjoyment/annoyance

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