camera plugin for x-plane

what is izicam

izicam is a plugin which gives you some Xtra camera views that are not implemented in x-plane

2 camera types are currently available:
- fixed camera
this camera type is similar to attaching a camera to your plane
it can be positioned anywhere and pointed to any direction
you get 4 of these for every plane you have
- FBLR camera
this camera type gives you standard Front Back Left Right views
it can also be positioned anywhere, but the rotation of the camera is controlled by izicam and is based on the flight-path and the roll of the plane
a bit similar to x-plane’s chase view
all camera settings are saved for each separate plane

you can choose between your plane or one of the ai/multiplayer planes

izicam features smooth camera movements and smooth zooming


izicam 0.11
mac(ppc/intel) or pc with windows or linux and x-plane 8.xx




izicam 0.1
mac(9/X ppc only) or pc and x-plane 6.70 -> 7.xx



screenshots movies

you can find some visuals here

special thanks to

Ben Supnik and Sandy Barbour
without them, no XPSDK and no plugins!

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